Two beads and a bit of wire

MarkiDieux Removable Locking Stitch Marker

markidieux-lamplit-eve-removable-stitch-marker-2Anyone that knits or crochets knows the value of a good stitch marker. In my own knitting and crochet work I’ve used many different types of stitch markers with some success but I was never quite happy with anything I’d used. As creative types tend to be, I’m picky (am I right?). After designing my knitting stitch markers, I turned my focus to the idea of a re-position-able and locking stitch marker that could be used by crocheters as well as knitters. After much thought and many attempts I came up with this unique design for a removable and locking stitch marker almost by accident while fiddling around with the component parts. With some tweaks to the initial inspiration and research into materials and manufacturing methods, I finished the design and I have to admit, I’m thrilled with the results.knitfabricshot

I also have to admit to being something of a geek (understatement). I get excited easily over … well, anything really. Even so, I really dig this style of stitch marker because of the simplicity and elegance of the idea behind them. Two beads and a bit of wire and I have such a useful object! It’s just like what we all make with two sticks or a hook and a bit of yarn! The stiffness of the memory wire provides the tension needed to lock the stitch markers and the beads keep it from slipping open. A simple twist of the beaded ends opens or closes it, making it easy to use and less of an interruption while you work. They can be placed in your work at any location as a landmark – marking a repeat or gusset, for example.

Here’s a quick video of these stitch markers at work.  In this sample, I am using the stitch marker to “lock” the stitches so that when I rip out some work, I will not be able to rip past that locked stitch.  This is also a great way to secure your work to keep your stitches from pulling out while not in use.

Hope this clearly demonstrates how these stitch markers work.  Any questions can be posted in the comments below.  Love to have feedback!  Have a great day!

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