Traditional ways to insert lifelines

The idea of a lifeline in knitting has probably been around as long as knitting itself has been. Although I have to wonder if those cultures wherein knitting is still a way of life have any need for them. I’ve seen some lifelong knitters working and I suspect they haven’t needed one for a long time. I, on the other hand am not one of those knitters and find that as I age my memory and ability to pay attention are waning. I also work on more complicate pieces these days and find having a lifeline more pertinent. At any rate, I wanted to share with you a video I’ve posted about the ways I’ve learned to insert lifelines into my work. I’ve also designed another method of inserting a lifeline that I will share in another video, and I’ve called it the SimpliDieux Method (pronounced “simply-doo”). Hope you enjoy this video and as always I’m available for feedback or questions, just leave a comment!

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