MarkiDieux About Us Page


Welcome to the MarkiDieux About Us page, where I’d like to introduce myself, my small family, and MarkiDieux.  I’m a stay at home mother of one home schooled teenage daughter, wife to husband Mark, and the entrepreneur of the family.  Although I am the force behind MarkiDieux, none would be possible with their love and support.

I met Mark in junior high and we began dating occasionally in high school.  His nickname at the time was “Marky-doo.”  This is how I pronounce MarkiDieux.   Mark is the one who suggested I try knitting.  Little did he know how that suggestion would impact his life!  Amid piles of yarn and a small arsenal of needles and hooks, I’ve been an avid self-taught knitter and crocheter for more than ten years now.  My favorite part of fiber artistry is the challenge of new ideas and techniques.  I find that every project I start has something new to offer, something new to learn.  Lately, I’ve been venturing into lovely intricate lace and discovered my attention span isn’t quite up to the task. I found myself needing stitch markers – lots of them, so I turned to making stitch markers for myself.

Birth of the brand

My first attempts were pretty, but I discovered I’d prefer to have something more durable and vintage-inspired. I discovered a method for twisting wire and designed my own ring findings.  Next I explored what kind of beads were available to learn what constituted a snag-free design. I began to make sets of stitch markers and listed them on Etsy under the shop name StixMarkers.  Encouraged by their popularity, I quickly began to realize that I wanted to offer more and started work on a better shopping experience. Thus was born MarkiDieux.  With my shy, creative, and exacting daughter at my side, I learned how to create an enduring business model.  We designed MarkiDieux to provide my customers with the most flexible, durable, useful, and beautiful products imaginable.

Because you deserve my best

My goal with MarkiDieux is to provide high-quality, useful, and beautiful tools to enhance the joy you find in your work. I have continued offering my twisted ring stitch markers for knitters.  Three other product types are now available at MarkiDieux.  First, a new type of removable, locking stitch marker.  This style of stitch marker is unique to MarkiDieux and was recently featured in Interweave’s Knit.Wear magazine.  This type of removable marker won’t snag, fall out, and is easy to use. These stitch markers are also ideal for crochet and lace work. Next, I offer a row/stitch counter abacus.  This abacus can be used as a scissor fob, stitch marker holder, and bracelet. Then, I decided to offer earrings to match!  Keep an eye on MarkiDieux, as I have new products in development, ones I think you will love. You can subscribe to my mailing list to get notice of new products.

As fiber artists, our work is unique to our natures.  I wanted your MarkiDieux pieces to help you celebrate your own unique vision of beauty.  To that end, I have designed many different styles of decorative bead sets for you to choose from.  All types of your products can be coordinated to match each other using these beads sets, and most have color options to choose from as well.  I will have new bead sets available from time to time.

Above all, I want to make MarkiDieux a place that you feel comfortable coming back to time and again by making the process efficient, the products timeless, and my service to you excellent.  I’m always open to suggestions, so please contact me at any time.  You can also leave feedback on the product pages either by reviewing purchased products or by leaving a comment.