MarkiDieux Abacus Row Counter


MarkiDieux handmade abacus row counters are beautifully functional multi-use tools. While tracking stitches, rows or repeats, the counter graces your wrist as a bracelet or functions as a fob – which allows you to tether your scissor or other tool within easy reach, perhaps on your knitting bag. Each string of beads, silver and gold, has 9 beads.  Because of this, they can together track your count up to the number 99. When using the abacus myself, I designate the gold beads to be the tens digit (10, 20, 30 …, 90) and the silver beads to be the ones digit (1, 2, 3 …, 9).  I have included complete instructions for how to use the abacus row counter in the link in the features below.  With our handmade MarkiDieux abacus row counter, you can eliminate the frustration of counting because you always know your position in your work.